500 Writing Prompts


Just the other day my husband and I were perusing Barnes & Noble. As usual, I ended up with a stack of books I could hardly carry. In this stack was a simple journalling book, one that was on-sale. It is titled 500 Writing Prompts.

Q: While at the beach you decide to write a message in a bottle. What would it say? Who would you like to find it?

You are original. You are special and loved. Simply because you are you.

I come from a beautiful place during a time when the land is blessed with wealth and riches. The oceans are near, boardwalks and homes dot the coastline. Yards and land are perfectly manicured; we have bright green grass and tall, swaying palm trees. They say there is a drought, but not here. It is plentiful. Leather bags, leather shoes, leather wallets. Boyfriend jeans, perfect hair, clean and uncalloused hands. This is the home of the coast’s most rich and beautiful. And sometimes empty.

With our pockets and our stomachs so full, a person can get lost. Many are. As a girl my parents raised me well; taught me the importance of integrity, work ethic, and a thankfulness. Not everyone here is so blessed. Do not misunderstand: to be wealthy is not wrong. But behind the glitter and the fog of expensive perfume can lie hopelessness and hunger. This particular hunger cannot be satiated with things or with status. Feeling full is replaced with feeling empty, useless, unloved, always searching for more.

So I want you to know that you are original. You are special and you are loved. Look to thankfulness, to hope, to joy, to wisdom, to your heart, and to God. He is the one who made you original and He is the one who already loves you, in this land saturated with false perfection. He is the one who makes you a light in this dark place. 


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