Four Things Learned in One Year of Blogging

The end of this July marked one year of my venture into blogging. More than simply completing blog posts, the year has taught me four valuable and on-going lessons.

1. Be sharp. No, I do not mean self-proclaimed brilliance. I mean actively investing in my thoughts, intelligence, and ideas. Continue reading. Continue engaging. Entertain thoughts outside of the daily needs for survival. Ponder things, mull over them. Even when I have not fully developed a conclusion, the art of thinking and processing strengthens my mind and fuels my curiousity.

2. Be intentional. To blog requires intention. Thoughts, brainstorms, outlines, drafts; taking streams of words and beliefs to support one cohesive idea. Being intentional in writing has helped me to be intentional in other areas of life. My marriage, my friendships, my health, and my commitments have all benefited from this contagious intentionality. All of these facets of life are different, yet they share a commonality: they require time and energy. In our society these are hot commodities; both are finite and have immense value. Intention also requires time and energy. That is what makes intentionality beautiful and fruitful in our lives.

3. Be vulnerable + honest. I pray that the person you experience while reading my blog is the same person you experience when sitting across the table from me at a coffee shop. While there are certain boundaries I adhere to with a public blog [ah hem not a personal diary], I hope my person and character are the same. Transparency, even when omitting the nittygritty details, is something I can always work on. Transparency promotes honesty, vulnerability, courage, and accountability to personal character.

4. Be accepting of grace. It is scary to publish words and ideas, where they are available on the internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Everyone who has ever known me or will know me can read these posts. That is the risk taken when I decided to make Sweeter Than Honey public. What if I regret something? What if my opinions change? Or what if my words push people away and cause rejection? I have learned that along with the courage to make a mistake must also come the acceptance of grace. I am not perfect. I will fail and falter. In my failures (whether publicly posted or not), I must accept God’s grace in my life to abide in His Holy Spirit. To accept His grace requires humility. Don’t we all need that! What I love about grace is that by definition it is completely undeserved, yet totally fruitful. By accepting God’s grace in His good salvation I have also learned to accept His grace in the every-day of life. By accepting God’s grace on a daily level, I have also grown in giving more grace to myself and giving more grace to others.

So twelve months of writing has brought me growth, reflection and joy. It has also brought me to a place of choosing to press onward in this business of blogging. I cannot say how many blog posts per month I will write, or even how many blog posts I will write over the course of the next year. All I do know, is that I will.


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