Hard But Good



Two years ago today he proposed and I said yes. I hope you love the engagement session throwback picture as much as I do – this was truly one of the most joyful, exciting times. If you had told me then where we would be now, I wouldn’t believe you. The ways we have learned, loved, grown, and fought have brought us miles further, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. In the span of two years we have had some great milestones.

  • Planning a wedding. This is a feat I would not like to conquer again.
  • Sharing vows with our family and friends (followed by an epic dance party).
  • Traveling not as much as we would like, but loving every trip to Cancun, Portland, Detroit, Palm Springs, and one of our favorites – NorCal.
  • Annoying eachother like never before – yes, your spouse is also your roommate.
  • Starting new jobs in each of our respective fields: construction project engineering for Cody and hospice nursing for myself.
  • Plugging in with our local church and walking alongside some rad highschool students.
  • Learning together to navigate my newish rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis – yoga, tea and hot baths are friends. Gluten and stress are my enemies.
  • Fighting with more sass and negative energy than I knew we had.
  • Yelling louder than we knew we could. Ok fine – I’m the only one who’s ever yelled, but what can I say, long fuse makes for a big boom.
  • Growing deep in our awesome, inspiring, loving community/Reunion Church launch team.
  • Purchasing our first home and making it out of escrow alive.
  • Adopting the cutest cat who we love (and feed) way too much – it’s obnoxious how much we love her.
  • Learning to choose love, and to choose joy, and when we feel too tired for joy to choose love again.

It seems right to reflect on how far we’ve come, knowing how much further we have to go. After this insane season of challenges and change, I could not be more excited to step into the next season of settling.

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