You are my heroes.

You are strong in your innermost parts

A rod of steel running through your midline

An axis from head to toe.

Still you remain soft on the outside

Gentle curves to rest on.

You raise children and brothers and sisters

You nurture biological ones

And nonbiological ones from the same maternal heart.

And while motherhood is beautiful

It is not all you are.

All you are is radiant

And beautiful

And creative

And kind

And strong

And just

And warm

And passionate

And worthy

And fierce

Because you nurture life in others and in yourself.

You allow your big heart to break for the sake of love

And your instinct is to protect

Even when weary.

You are complex

And within your membrane you contain

A burning flame and a tender heart

To serve with a passion and a compassion.


You are my heroes.


Photo Credit: Yury Orlov


2 Replies to “Women”

    1. Thank you! Media especially represents women as sweet OR tenacious, but we’re really more like ANDs. Kind AND strong; loving AND fierce.

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