When Creativity Strikes – An Entrepreneur’s Journey

I swim into the wave and ride it.

With the new year, I committed to regular writing – do the work, wake up early, stretch my brain muscles, and try new styles.

For the first time in seven months, I let that commitment go – you may have noticed by the five week (or more) gap in new content. Sometimes I relax my bi-monthly posting schedule because of life – work, illness, fatigue.

Not this time.

This time another creative wave found me. It was late at night, I had just made tea. I was laying in bed, unable to sleep. My thoughts had a stillness – then like a wispy cloud, the idea floated across my radar:

You should be a health coach.


Now, you have to understand I have A LOT of random thoughts. My brain is usually full of miscellaneous ideas – to turn it off requires active relaxation and soothing measures on my part. So often times I spend probably 0.75 seconds weighing a thought’s importance, and then I let it float on.

This thought stuck. I don’t know why. Maybe it had been floating in my subconscious for weeks. Maybe it was the hippie tea I had been drinking. Maybe it was the challenge of it.

After three months of mulling it over and poking for holes, I find myself committed to this crazy idea of becoming a health coach. Why?


  • Because I’ve been a Registered Nurse for five yearsI am what they call a seasoned nurse and I’m so happy to have grown this much in my nursing career.
  • Because I’m curious. I love palliative case management and I will continue at my day job! But my mind loves the curiosity, the challenge, the influx of information.
  • Because I love whole-person care, which is often lacking in Western medicine. I have seen so many people suffer from health issues related to overall lack of wellness. I’ve been there too – I’m certain my autoimmune condition cropped up after years of poor food choices, inadequate sleep, and imbalance in my life.
  • Because I truly learned to listen to my body after my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis – I think it’s a skill that can be learned by anyone and practiced in everyday life.
  • Because there is a need. Some people get all the help they need from their local doctor’s office. But most people don’t – it’s a fact of the system and the healthcare industry. Fifteen minutes face-to-face with a doctor once a year is not enough time to dig into realistic, client-centered health changes. And it’s not the doctor’s fault – the system is overburdened and physicians’ time is valuable. But there is hope! With the rising need in preventative care and lifestyle-based programs, health coaches are becoming more valuable too. What’s great, is we have the time to partner with people in ways that promote lasting change.

All this to say, you will still find me here on Blossom, Desert. I love storytelling and delving into the human experience.

But also know, I am seriously committed to this health coaching thing.

So committed, I’ve already applied to the Integrative Health Coaching program through Duke University. And registered. And booked plane tickets for the in-person training.

I’ve also launched a landing page. And a mailing list. And a blog for the new website.

I’m registered to do business in my county. I guess that makes me a business owner and an entrepreneur.

So I’m inviting you now to come along for the journey – as family, as a friend, as a potential future client.

How can you help??

Visit the pre-launch site for Hela Coaching.

Join the mailing list.


It’s not your thing? That’s cool! But maybe you have a friend or family member who could benefit.

Pass on the information to them – I am publishing new health content on the blog, interacting with newsletter subscribers, and will begin taking clients for one-on-one coaching this fall.

Thank you for contributing to the environment in which creative endeavors can flourish.